Resetting the Status Quo: A Travel Blog Back-Story

Travel blogging gives a firsthand view of one’s world. Journaling is one of my few positive habits which began a decline in 2015. I write to clear space in my head (it gets chocked up in there sometimes), and now with the hope to entertain, inform, and share my advice and opinions. Throw into the mix meeting people of different backgrounds, being forced to leave my comfort zone occasionally and best of all, TRAVELLING? The world is such a colourfully rugged place: misty blue mountains, golden sunshine, green savannahs, clear cool water, and I could get more poetic. Who wouldn’t want to leave their 4 monotonous walls and dive into adventure?

Satiating this German-coined feeling of wanderlust online made me stumble upon travel blogging. Initially I wondered HOW did anyone have that much time and money?! I never realized it was a profession which took hard work🙈. Thankfully I found sincere writers who explained it in their blogs such as Traveller Dave and Young Adventuress. But then it made me feel discouraged. I’m nothing like these awesome people. My chosen career of medicine means free time is scarce. Study abroad opportunities for M.B.,B.S. students are slim. Funding overseas trips is another obstacle.  Thus reading travel blogs, albeit entertaining, meant feeling as if my desire to travel had to be stifled until an indefinite ‘later’. I’m a now person down to the marrow of my bones.

And that my friends is how a concept was born: putting a spin on travel blogging. I’m blogging about somewhere here, somewhere near, somewhere affordable, somewhere replicable. I can start on a much smaller scale and explore my homeland now. We are often from places we think we know, but don’t know as well as we should or think we do. Travel blogging doesn’t have to be about far-distant lands and the impossible.

The presumptuous launch of Adventures from Elle boldly invites people into my journal, so let me officially welcome you to what I hope will blossom into a fulfilling past time and new perspective on the Internet.


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