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20161231_193011Hi there! I’m Rochelle Knight, the author behind Adventures from Elle and an undergraduate medical student from Kingston, Jamaica. Writing and exploring the great outdoors are hobbies I actively try to maintain despite my busy schedule.

I’d love to take my wanderlust overseas but it’s not possible right now. In the mean time I do the next great thing: explore my homeland Jamaica. There’s too much of this beautiful island I don’t know but am dying to see. This local travel blog of sorts blends my love of writing and travel, tells the stories of the places I visit, unabashedly shares my perspective of this beautiful island and hopefully will entertain or help you discover your own adventures as I discover them. In my book, lack of money nor time aren’t valid obstacles to travelling and immersing oneself in a new experience. Adventures from Elle is about how I make travelling work in Jamaica despite not having much money nor time to spare for it currently. I like the places where fewer have gone and those which tell a story. Hence, many of the places I feature are off-the-beaten-path, and you’ll leave with a better appreciation of Jamaica as I school you in her history along the way.

chasing waterfalls

Hope River (📍Penfield, Gordon Town)

Adventures from Elle doubles as my voice for any other thing at all which annoys or inspires me to write, so I hope you’ll forgive me if you’re only here for the travel posts. Get in touch with me here or e-mail Feel free to leave comments and follow on Facebook or Pinterest. Subscribe by e-mail to get updates of new articles using the sidebar or footer widget and I hope you’ll become a regular on here.


📍Castleton Botanical Gardens. I have a thing for botanical gardens, clearly (….and parks, sculptures, street art, old buildings, ruins, mountains, waterfalls, beaches….)

Lastly, let’s not make this another travel blog, shall we. Adventures from Elle is rather utilitarian and not meant for vicariousness. Use my blog to inspire your own adventures! Choose one of my favourites to get started:

As we say in Jamaica, tek care & walk good! Likkle more.


7 thoughts on “Behind the Blog

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  4. I LOVE some of the things you said in this post and I admire that you’re on a mission to explore your own country. Something I’ve never done in Canada because I’m too busy exploring Jamaica. Can’t wait to explore more of your blog.

    Maybe one day we should link up on the island and you can drag me (willingly) on one of your adventures.

    Liked by 1 person

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