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20161231_193011Hi there! I’m Rochelle, an undergraduate medical student from Kingston, Jamaica. A struggling med student but surviving nonetheless. Writing and staying outdoors are my coping mechanisms and this travel blog of sorts chronicles those thoughts & adventures.

As much as I’d love to travel overseas, it’s not possible for me right now so in the mean time I’m doing the next great thing: exploring my homeland Jamaica. Nicknamed the land of wood and water, I want to see all the waterfalls, rivers, lagoons, hidden mountain trails and endemic birds and flowers she has to offer. I like to travel slowly, soaking up all the sights, sounds and smells of new places until they are imprinted in my memory. I also like off the beaten path, travelling where fewer have gone and letting my senses and feet lead the way.

I take pleasure in showing the cheaper way to sightsee. Money should never be an obstacle to travelling and immersing oneself in a new experience. Adventures from Elle is about how I make travelling work in Jamaica despite not having much money to spare for it. See if I can help you discover Jamaica on a budget here too.

Inadvertently you may see lifestyle posts and my thoughts on here too because I’m lazy to operate more than one blog. I hope you’ll forgive me if you’re only here for the travel posts. Thanks for stopping by!

If you have any questions, collaboration ideas or professional enquires, send me a message here or e-mail


Photo Credit: A mantra like this never allows life to be gloomy for too long. I (try to) ensure I can always answer it.


5 thoughts on “Behind the Blog

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  2. I LOVE some of the things you said in this post and I admire that you’re on a mission to explore your own country. Something I’ve never done in Canada because I’m too busy exploring Jamaica. Can’t wait to explore more of your blog.

    Maybe one day we should link up on the island and you can drag me (willingly) on one of your adventures.

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