Green Grotto Caves, Saint Ann

Named for the green algae which once covered their walls, the Green Grotto Caves in Discovery Bay blend ecotourism and history into a 45-minute tour. These caves, secret passages and caverns have played a pivotal role in Jamaica's history-- first used by Jamaica's earliest inhabitants the Tainos for hundreds of years as a home, source … Continue reading Green Grotto Caves, Saint Ann


Little Dunn’s River, Saint Ann

Little Dunn's River in Ocho Rios is the last remaining span of free north coast between Portland & St. Ann's Bay in Jamaica. Attempts have been made in the past by the government to shut it down, citing that the property was a safety hazard to patrons but really with the motive of handing over … Continue reading Little Dunn’s River, Saint Ann

House Hunters in JA

It’s not very often that I reblog posts. The last post I reblogged was in May and that’s because it was a guest post I’d written for a travel blog I admire, Anyway, I’m sharing this because who doesn’t love HGTV’s HouseHunters and even better it featured my island home Jamaica! This episode spoke to me because I can’t wait to buy a house here in Kingston too! I’ve lived in rentals all my life and still do because my mother has had to put off the home ownership dream time and time again because of the expensive educational investment she’s making for my brother and I. Home ownership is still out of the reach for lots of hardworking Jamaicans due to cost but one day, hopefully sooner than later, I’ll get to see and more importantly help my mother realize that dream. Nonetheless, I’ve been itching to move out and decorate an apartment of my own because are you even an adult until you move out?

House #1 was my pick without a doubt. The Kingston 6 area is great but Kingston 10 is close enough. So many things to think about when choosing a place to live & I have lots of learning about real estate to do. A view would be nice, as would a balcony for my indoor garden but hey, enough about me. Enjoy this episode of House Hunters International. ūüėä

Jamaican Journal

Check this House Hunters episode filmed recently in JA.

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Island Gully Falls, Saint Ann

I try to demystify Jamaican off-the-beaten-path places on Adventures from Elle because usually not much useful information is available about these places online or by word of mouth. Island Gully Falls is one such place despite becoming very popular on social media and perhaps more recently popularized as Blue Hole. A detailed search turned up … Continue reading Island Gully Falls, Saint Ann

Turtle River Park, Saint Ann

Turtle River Park is a cool oasis in the busy heart of resort town Ocho Rios. This small park is perfect for a picnic, stroll or jog, for reading, watching the fish and turtles in the stream which runs through the grounds and for entertaining bored children on its playground in the heat of the … Continue reading Turtle River Park, Saint Ann

Seville Heritage Park, Saint Ann

Seville¬†Heritage Park in Saint Ann's Bay marks one of the first encounters between Old and New World. Unless you're Jamaican or took Caribbean history classes, you're likely hearing for the first time that English-speaking Jamaica was first colonized by the Spanish hence the town Sevilla la Nueva was¬†named for Seville, Spain. Christopher Columbus first set … Continue reading Seville Heritage Park, Saint Ann

Cardiff Hall Beach, Saint Ann

I can't help but ruin the surprise at the start. I've finally found a free Jamaican beach which I rate full stars! I had the opportunity of spending time in Saint Ann as part of my medical training and with what free time I had, my colleagues & I went beach-hopping on a budget like … Continue reading Cardiff Hall Beach, Saint Ann

Fantasy Beach, Saint Ann

Fantasy Beach, also called Priory Beach, is a large strip of coastline for the tiny Saint Ann town of Priory. This sleepy public beach just outside of Ocho Rios wakes up on weekends to mostly local families who stop by to swim, play football, have dinner and unwind. Getting There Starting from Main Street in … Continue reading Fantasy Beach, Saint Ann

What It Means To Be Jamaican

I have much more free time these next few weeks so my blog neglect will subside, at least until January 2018. I chose my clerkships well even if I was entirely burnt out last stretch. Watching the sun set over the ocean yesterday and some healing solitude has got me reflecting. Part of that reflection … Continue reading What It Means To Be Jamaican

Mystery Blogger Award

Thanks to Ashley over on Jamaican Gyal Hair Journey¬†for this nomination from like one month ago to which I'm finally responding. I've had a lot going on but I feel myself getting back in control now (ish). The creator of this award is¬†a blogger over on Okoto Enigma. As usual, I love replying to these … Continue reading Mystery Blogger Award

Tuff Gong Studio, Saint Andrew

Tuff Gong International‚Äôs Making of the Music Tour is an engaging behind the scenes look at the record-making process from rehearsal to album. My Bob Marley Museum tour guide had done an excellent job at not-so-subtly dropping hints that no Bob Marley experience in Jamaica is complete without visiting the studio where it all began. … Continue reading Tuff Gong Studio, Saint Andrew

Overnight Oats Overtaking My Breakfasts

I've been neglecting to publish for a bit because I haven't done anything since July 6 which I felt was worth sharing. There are too many reasons to share; the most important one being school work pressure. I bundled all the hard clerkships for the start of my academic year and if by chance any … Continue reading Overnight Oats Overtaking My Breakfasts