What I spend the rest of my time doing when I’m not studying📚📚📚, sleeping or adventuring. Includes opinion posts and social commentary, periodically updated whenever life gives me the vibe (inspiration) to.

A Jamaican Opinion on the USA 2016 Presidential Outcome

10 Aged Articles Which Need a Comeback

The Jamaican Box Lunch

Food Baby Aborted

Why I Said Bye to Lye

Circumstance (R.I.P. Mickolle Moulton)

Overnight Oats Overtaking My Breakfasts

What It Means To Be Jamaican

What Davina Bennett’s 2nd Runner-Up in Miss Universe Means for Black Women Globally

10 Lessons from Chasing Waterfalls in Jamaica

2017 Year in Review

Self-Care Manifesto | 100 Ways to Self Care

Wakanda Forever

2018: Mid-Year Mark

Jamaica’s Customer Service At Its Finest- A Satire


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