Travel Jamaica

An adventure awaits in Jamaica if you are ready to find one. The most common excuses why Jamaicans don’t explore their homeland, besides disinterest, are: no money, no transport, no time and the distance of scenic spots from urban settlements. I’m here to debunk those excuses! It IS possible to explore Jamaica on a shoestring budget, with both public & private transportation, with little time and in a place not that far from you- most likely in an unknown or underappreciated Jamaican beauty. Visiting the island? Include these unfrequented spots in your itinerary. Not sure how to find somewhere? Read my posts for directions on everywhere I’ve explored so far. Expect outdoor spots! I love waterfalls, rivers, natural pools, hiking trails, botanical gardens and beaches, in that order.

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Parish: Kingston  ●   St. Andrew   ●   St. Thomas   ●   Portland


Category:  Beach   ●   Botanical Garden   ●   Lagoon/Mineral Spring   ●   Museum   ●   Mountain/Hiking   ●   Waterfall

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I’m now at 5 places and counting as of April 2017.

Personal Ratings Explained

The reason(s) behind my rating of these places are listed in each post. Every rated place is based on my personal experience there and I take into account its difficulty to find, value for cost, appeal and hospitality.

  • ☆☆☆☆☆- Loved the place! Would recommend, revisit and take a friend.
  • ☆☆☆☆- Liked the place, would recommend and probably revisit.
  • ☆☆☆- OK or meh. Worth a visit but probably only once.
  • ☆☆- Disliked the place. Probably never going back.
  • ☆- Hated the place, wouldn’t recommend and never going back.

Last thing. As you travel ’round Jamaica, take care of yourself and walk good!

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